Store and organize any kind of information, in a simple to use cardfile software
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  • I have used Karteset for years. Now I have a new computer, but Metalgrass is trying to get me to pay again. How do I get around this, please?
    The only way to avoid another payment is to deauthorize the application from the old computer and then install it on new computer and activated it as you've done it in the past. If the activation is based on the hardware ID, you will need to contact them and provide the new hardware ID then you can register it.


Karteset is an easy to use cardfile database program. Store and organize any kind of information, suitable for businesses or home use.
Use Karteset to store notes, e-mails, customer data, personal information, recipes or any other text-based information. With Karteset's unlimited cards and categories, information management has never been so easy and intuitive!
Karteset is the perfect personal information manager (pim) software application - use it as a simple Rolodex, or a more complicated card index program, using categories to sort your text cards.

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